Dee Hsu: I might have scared off Hu Ge

The exuberant actress-host talks fashion, work and family


Photos: Goh Li Xin, Dee Hsu/Instagram, iROO, Toggle file photos

Video: Tan Shi Qi

Dee Hsu made an appearance at Taiwanese fashion brand iROO’s event in Singapore last Friday (Apr 22) and was greeted by the screams of her fans when she stepped out with the host for the night, local fashion designer Keith Png. It was the actress-host’s second visit to Singapore, during which she introduced herself with, “Hi everyone, I’m an International Professional Superstar.”

In an interview with Toggle, Dee shared more about her future plans after leaving the popular talkshow Here Comes Kangxi, as well as her fashion icons and her family life.

The 37-year-old, who quit the long-running talk show Here Comes Kangxi last December, was initially lambasted as a jobless woman by netizens. Dee confessed that she was worried that her career would start to go downhill after hearing these comments but that producers had thankfully continued to approach her with new projects.


Although she was slightly reluctant to part with the show, which she has hosted for years, Dee declared that has no regrets about her decision and that she looks forward to the challenges of a new job and a new life.

Speaking of new jobs, Dee, who was previously reported to be in the process of finding 12 ‘male gods’ to film a new talk show with, divulged that after accepting the show offer, she has not heard from the management company of one of her ‘male gods’, Hu Ge.

“It feels like he wants to hide from us, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve once said that I admire him and thus, scared him off,” she laughed.

Dee, who has a reputation for touching the male guests on her shows, then turned to face the media and affirmed, “I wish to remind all the male stars that I won’t do much – we’re just going to chat [on the show].”

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