Dee Hsu interrogates Rainie Yang, Show Luo on respective romances

Both stars concede to host’s questioning on Here Comes Kangxi

Rainie, Show

Taiwanese singers Rainie Yang, 31, and Show Luo, 36, appeared together as guests on the Taiwanese talk show Here Comes Kangxi to promote their latest albums, and host Dee Hsu doggedly questioned both stars on their love lives.

Rainie admitted she liked how mature and steady her beau, Chinese singer Li Ronghao, was. But when Dee pressed her on whether Ronghao has ever cooked for her and whether they’ve discussed getting married, Rainie was speechless and instead kept saying she felt uncomfortably warm. She even accused Show of not defending her.

Rainie, Ronghao

But the singer did reveal her dream wedding is a quiet, simple one, with no bouquet toss, flower girls or page boys (because she said children are hard to control), and not held on the beach.

When it got to Show’s turn, Dee asked him about the sleeping arrangement during his trip to Japan with his rumoured girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow. “Of course we slept apart!” Show said. The singer then said his mother had met Grace.

Dee wouldn’t ease off, and continued badgering Show with questions including, “Would you help [Grace] with zippers on her clothes?”

Show, Grace

During the show, clips from past episodes featuring the two guests were aired, and Rainie said, “I regret it every time I appear on this show, because I get ripped apart.”

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