Dee Hsu, Mickey Huang, Bowie Tsang celebrate ‘reconciliation of the century’

Entertainers end decade-long feud at Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards

Dee Hsu, Mickey Huang, Bowie Tsang

Dee Hsu shared the stage with fellow entertainers and one-time foes Mickey Huang and Bowie Tsang on Saturday night at Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards, and the three resolved their decade-long feud the way they know best: with jokes, wit and laughter.

Dee later posted on Facebook the photos taken of them while they were on stage for the “reconciliation of the century,” and wrote, “Life is like that, you learn to let go and to be thankful.”

The entertainer earned praise for tactfully resolving past disagreements and being mature, with more than 100,000 fans clicking ‘Like’ on her post.

Dee and Kevin Tsai, hosts of the long-running variety show Here Comes Kangxi, were two of the celebrity hosts for Taiwan’s version of the Emmy Awards. The pair were delivering a speech on gossip surrounding celebrities’ relationships when they invited Mickey and Bowie on stage for an official reconciliation.

Mickey left Dee for Bowie fifteen years ago, and things had been bitter between the three until recently. But former girlfriends Dee and Bowie offered Mickey their best wishes on his plans to marry actress Summer Meng, with Dee adding words of advice: “Let me remind you, marriage isn’t easy.”

But Mickey and Bowie were left speechless with laughter when Dee ended with a question aimed at Mickey: “So between Bowie and me, who did you love more?”

In between their routine, Dee and Kevin made frequent jibes at film critic and Golden Bell judge Lan Tzu-wei regarding the criticism that this year’s variety programmes were poor quality and not entertaining.

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