Dee Hsu & Mickey Huang make up after 14 years

The former couple was reported to be on bad terms up till last year

Dee Hsu & Mickey Huang make up after 14 years
Former couple Dee Hsu and Mickey Huang have put aside their differences and made up 14 years after breaking up.

Back then, TV personality Bowie Tsang was said to have come between the couple. Dee has since married Mike Hsu and has three daughters whereas Mickey is in a relationship with actress Summer Meng.

The two were a hot topic in 2006 when they hosted the Golden Bell Awards’ Red Carpet event, where the two were kept carefully apart by the third host, actor Xu Ya Jun. Reports that the two avoided each other while dining at a French restaurant last year also led to speculation that there was still unresolved issues between the two.

Netizens were then surprised to find that Dee added Mickey as a friend on Facebook recently, with the latter accepting her request. Dee clarified that the two have put the past behind them, sharing, “What happened between us was ages ago; we’d exchange greetings if we bumped into each other after that.”

She went on to reveal that they spoke of her new album, with Mickey praising her singing. “I haven’t released an album in so long and I was naturally happy to have someone praise me. I also sincerely feel that his hosting for (this year’s) Golden Horse Awards was really good,” Dee expressed.

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