Dee Hsu, Mike Hsu blast media for jumping to conclusions

The couple stood by each other and clarified about reports on Mike Hsu’s visit to the nightclub

Dee Hsu, Mike Hsu blast media for jumping to conclusions

Mike Hsu, husband of Taiwanese actress-host Dee Hsu, has been spotted in the company of several women at a nightclub recently, sparking rumours that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks.

However, both Mike and Dee have released individual statements to the media regarding the incident, assuring everyone that they trust each other.

Mike vented his frustration at the media for reporting false news, saying, “I’ve always been said to frequent places that are considered to be ‘sensitive’ [in the news], even when I go to the supermarket. I remember, I once went to buy some food with a male friend, and the media reported that I was gay. No matter what actually happened, once they have pictures of me, they [the media] can just write whatever they want.”

Dee also stood by her husband, saying, “I am not affected by the news at all. I trust my husband, and I know what type of man he is. Additionally, he didn’t go to any ‘sensitive’ places, he only went to a restaurant. Does this mean that he can only go to children playgrounds after this, so that you[the media] wouldn’t misunderstand again?”

Dee’s mother also got involved in the matter, replying that it was natural for Mike to be accompanied by “leggy beauties”, and asked the reporter sarcastically, “Do you think old hags like us should go instead?”

Photos: PBE Media

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