Dee Hsu reveals the reason she married her husband

Her husband’s thoughtfulness had attracted her


Taiwanese actress-host Dee Hsu made an appearance at a jewellery event yesterday, where she revealed the main reason she fell for, and ultimately married, her businessman husband, Mike.

Dee attended the event in a sweeping black gown with pearls, and introduced everyone to her new nickname, “IPSS (International Professional Super Star)”. The 37-year-old also jokingly commented, “To wear this dress, your chest has to be firm enough, and your butt, perky. No one else in the entertainment industry other than me can pull this off.”

When asked how her relationship with the jewellery brand started, she revealed a tidbit regarding how her husband courted her, divulging that he had given her a huge strand of pearls. The host then asked jokingly, “So you married him [because of that]?”, with Dee’s cheeky answer being, “Yes, I’m the type of person who loves money, so?”

Dee then elaborated more on the gift, explaining that Mike had also given her mum and older sister, Barbie Hsu, the same gift as well.

“I want to say that this man is really too thoughtful! In order to be able to love me, he doesn’t mind showering love on my family as well,” she said, indicating that it was one of the factors that made her decide to marry him in the end.

Photo: PBE Media

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