Dee Hsu’s husband seen partying at a nightclub

The businessman was said to have been in the company of younger girls


Taiwanese actress-host Dee Hsu has been happily married to her businessman husband, Mike Hsu for 11 years, though they have been embroiled in their fair share of divorce rumours. When Dee was spotted with a bruise on her face recently, it sparked allegations of domestic abuse which was eventually refuted.

Now, the businessman has been accused of visiting an exclusive entertainment club and was even spotted driving an unnamed leggy beauty away, before going home, two months ago

Although the magazine did not manage to photograph Mike behaving intimately with the female, they reported that all the women leaving or entering the establishment were wearing short skirts and dressed flamboyantly.


Other than patronising the entertainment club, Mike is also often spotted attending private parties. Once, the businessman was also spotted leaving a party with three leggy beauties, Wang Xiaofei, the husband of Dee’s older sister, Barbie Hsu, Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan and more.

Dee and her husband could not be contacted for comments at press time.

Photos: PBE Media

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