Dee Hsu’s special birthday gift from her daughters

Each of her three daughters took turns to put up a short performance to celebrate Dee Hsu’s 37th birthday

Dee Hsu’s special birthday gift from her daughters

A heartwarming celebration was held at the Hsu household last Sunday to commemorate Dee Hsu’s 37th birthday.

The Taiwanese television host’s three daughters, Elly, 8, Lily, 6 and Alice, 3, each presented a song, dance and piano performance and even made birthday cards for their mother too, according to a Weibo post by Dee.

While she was touched by their thoughtful gestures, the cheeky host could not help but tease her daughters and ask them if this is their "last performance" due to the duration of the entire surprise.

In the same Weibo post, the emotional birthday girl also thanked her husband, Mike Hsu, for giving her the best present in the form of their three lovely daughters and reminded herself to treasure every moment she has with her daughters because kids "grow up very fast."

To top off her birthday celebrations, the Here Comes Kangxi host also announced that she will be donating TW$1 million (approximately S$430,000) to abused children every year on her birthday.

In other related news, Dee’s elder sister, Barbie Hsu announced that she will be releasing a new book called ‘Lao Niang Jia Dao’ next month. The book will contain stories of her journey to motherhood and will include parenting tips too.

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