Dee Hsu strips down for charity

She shared that she will not mind filming intimate scenes in upcoming projects

Dee Hsu strips down for charity

Photos: PBE Media

Dee Hsu shockingly left longtime hosting gig Here Comes Kangxi last year along with Kevin Tsai and has been busy ever since.

A recent photoshoot for charity had her wearing a barely-there outfit, which covered the essentials but left nothing much to the imagination. On her unique getup for the day, Dee mused, “This is for charity after all – even if something that isn’t supposed to be there ends up in the final photo, I’m sure that they’ll blur it and change the focus.”

She continued, “My life now is more relaxed and comfortable. I’m fine as long as my outfit is pretty and I won’t go to great lengths just because I’m afraid that I’ll reveal something that I’m not supposed to.”

Dee Hsu strips down for charity

On her upcoming movie with Kevin, reported to be titled Chi Chi De Ai, which is a love story between a female star and a restaurant chef, she declared that she will not reject the possibility of intimate scenes. “Kissing and bed scenes are all okay but the real deal (having sex) is definitely out – I’m someone’s wife after all!” she grinned.

“My husband says that acting well is the most important but that he would mind if my co-star is Takeshi Kaneshiro. He’ll be totally fine if it’s someone like Huang Bo,” she joked, before continuing on a more serious tone, “Huang Bo is actually one of the male actors I’d really want to work with because he’s so good at what he does.”

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