Did Adam Cheng’s daughter seduce her married boss?

Adam Cheng’s wife comments on the rumours of their daughter’s recent drama with “Mr. L”

Did Adam Cheng’s daughter seduce her married boss?

One of Hong Kong TVB actor Adam Cheng’s daughters, 25-year-old Cheng Wing-yan, supposedly seduced her married Australian boss when witnesses spotted her unbuttoning his shirt at dinner last Wednesday.

Wing-yan, who is notorious for her wild behaviour, often leaves with the man identified as “Mr. L” to have lunch breaks together.

Insiders revealed that after Wing Yan completed her university education in England, she returned to Hong Kong to become the store manager of the Ralph Lauren outlet located in Prince’s Building, a shopping centre in the area.

Her mother, Koon Jing-wah, defended her daughter by saying that her company was going to promote her daughter for her diligent work. She even revealed that “the man in the photos released by reporters isn’t even Mr. L – it’s someone else from the company” and “they were simply having a work discussion”.

“Adam and I have a lot of faith in our daughters and he told me that he wants to take legal action against the media who posted those rumours. Our daughter needs to deal with her job and she simply shouldn’t have to be involved with false rumours. Wing-yan is extremely unhappy about this,” she continued.

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