Did David Tao throw a celebration after concluding his case?

After David Tao publicly apologised for his actions at his press conference two days ago, he was spotted at a dinner party with his wife which was speculated to be a celebration of their success

Did David Tao throw a celebration after concluding his case?

Taiwanese actor-singer David Tao, who has been making headlines with news about his reported affair over the past two weeks, enjoyed a dinner with his wife Penny Jiang on the night of his press conference (July 7) where he clarified the truth once and for all.

They went to a restaurant run by television programme producer Wang Weizhong’s sister and seemed as though they were having a celebration with model-actress Patina Lin, director Lin Qing Zhen and a few other good friends. At the party, everyone was taking selfies with their phones and from pictures, it looks like the couple have put David’s affair behind them.

When the public suspected that they were “celebrating their win”, David’s representative denied this and clarified that Weizhong has been planning a gathering since one and a half months ago.

Did David Tao throw a celebration after concluding his case?

Qing Zhen backed up the statement by saying that no one spoke about David’s ongoing lawsuit at the party. She added that David and Penny have a very sweet relationship in person, mentioning that they lovingly helped each other to take food and chatted with each other endlessly. She also explained that they had no intentions of posting any photos of them online, but some photos from the party were uploaded by an elder at the party who was just learning how to use Facebook on his phone.

David’s representative revealed that he has plans to travel to Beijing next week to record new music, emphasising that his work activities are unaffected and he has more time to spend with his wife.

The woman whom he cheated with, Yang Zi Qing, previously threatened to expose him further but instead has taken a more peaceful approach to resolving the situation. She uploaded a photograph on Weibo yesterday enjoying an afternoon tea in Beijing, showing that she is happy as well.

Did David Tao throw a celebration after concluding his case?

Not everyone has completely settled down though. Some netizens began to initiate more discussions amongst themselves when a few of them pointed out the overlapping time periods of when David dated ex-girlfriends Jian Bao Shan, Zi Qing  and his wife Penny.

Even more heated discussions began when a netizen posted a LINE chat conversation claiming that David said the following: “Zi Qing, we don’t owe each other anything. Don’t cross the line. Don’t tell the media any more lies. Be kind.” However, David’s representative deemed the screenshots as mere fabrication, adding that David and Zi Qing are no longer in contact with each other.

In other news, it is being speculated that David is afraid of being banned in China because of the country’s policy to ban artistes with any family discordances and his cheating case could cause him to be at risk of being banned.

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