Did Kai Ko drive his Ferrari into a tree?

Kai Ko threw an all-night party at his house and one of his friends met with an accident on the way home

Did Kai Ko drive his Ferrari into a tree?

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Last Friday night (May 29), Taiwanese actor-singer Kai Ko invited his friends to party at his house. The next day, an orange Ferrari was seen leaving his house and due to reckless speeding downhill, the Ferrari ended up crashing right into a tree by the roadside. Fortunately, no one was injured from the accident.

Suspected to be behind the wheel, Kai quickly clarified on his Facebook that he was not in the car and said that it was his friend’s car that met with an accident. He added, “Thankfully everyone is safe! Please be mindful of safety when driving, everyone!”

Did Kai Ko drive his Ferrari into a tree?

That evening, the 23-year-old film actor was witnessed paying a visit to the Xingtian Temple with his mother (who looked rather serious) and three brothers to pray for protection. A representative said that Kai’s family has a habit of praying regularly as a family activity.

Kai’s career had a downfall last August when he was caught smoking weed in Beijing. Although it was a huge struggle, he has since made a comeback and recently began making appearances at many events and schools.

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