Did Kate Tsui undergo plastic surgery?

Rumours are rife that the Hong Kong actress secretly went under the knife

徐子珊神隐传整容 眼角开刀丰下唇

At an event last Friday, TVB actress Kate Tsui’s foxy eyes were said to look bigger and her lips fuller than before, sparking speculations that she has secretly gone under the knife.

According to a Hong Kong magazine, Kate was recently absent from the spotlight for two weeks. During this period, the 35-year-old allegedly went through procedures to remove her eye bags and to cut the corner of her eyes to make them wider and rounder. The actress, whose complexion is tight and flawless, is also rumoured to have had Botox injections.

“I’ve said this before: It’s okay. It is not the first time that I’ve been suspected of plastic surgery. There is nothing I can do when people continue to be suspicious, even after I refuted the claims,” Kate said in response.

When further probed if she had taken Botox injections, the former Miss Hong Kong winner denied so and reiterated: “I have already clarified about this previously.” 

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