Did lack of intimacy cause S.H.E. Selina Jen’s divorce?

Sources say singer’s 4-year marriage was actually just cohabitation


Photos: PBE Media

Sources claiming to be close to Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, 34, have said the lack of intimacy between her and her husband, lawyer Richard Chang, led to their divorce, adding legitimacy to one of the six reasons for the split put forth by Taiwanese media.

The S.H.E. singer announced on March 4 that she and Richard had agreed to part ways. Her record label, HIM International Music, denied infidelity or infertility caused the divorce.

The pair married in October 2011, a year after Selina suffered an accident during filming and sustained third-degree burns on more than half her body.

Richard once revealed that he and Selina slept in separate bedrooms because he was afraid he would hurt her burn wounds in his sleep.


Richard worked in the day so he couldn’t stay with Selina all the time. And even after her wounds healed, the singer continued wearing compression garments for years as part of her physiotherapy. Sources added that anxiety and fear plagued their marriage, turning it into four years of cohabitation.

Even when the couple went on vacation to the Maldives last year, Selina revealed afterwards that they merely shared a bed and chatted, nothing more.

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