Did Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi register for marriage?

Nicky Wu was spotted at the Taiwan Judicial Registry office yesterday by a fan

吴奇隆甜挽刘诗诗游台 现身公证处爆婚讯2

Taiwanese actor-singer Nicky Wu is said to have registered for marriage with girlfriend, Chinese actress Liu Shi Shi yesterday after a fan spotted him at the Taiwan Judicial Registry office.

The fan wrote on Facebook: “It’s amazing, I met Si Ye [Nicky’s role in Scarlet Heart] at the registry office. He has a small face, sharp nose and looks better than [how he is] on television. He even has a small ponytail.”

A woman, believed to be his mother, was left waiting at the office after Nicky signed the documents and Shi Shi was not in sight. The actress is said to have accompanied Nicky on this trip to Taiwan as they were spotted touring Jiu Fen together.

Although the fan’s description matches the 34-year-old’s latest hairstyle and his manager, Ren Yue, later confirmed he is indeed in Taiwan, she clarified that he was there to settle issues on infringement of portrait rights. Ren Yue said she was “really not sure” when asked if Nicky and Shi Shi had registered for marriage.

吴奇隆甜挽刘诗诗游台 现身公证处爆婚讯1

The lovebirds went from a reel couple in popular Chinese drama series Scarlet Heart to a real couple last November. Marriage rumours have been spreading since, especially when Nicky brought Shi Shi to his hometown in Taiwan this Lunar New Year, which is suspected to be a meet-the-parents session.

Although they denied those speculations, both of them have reportedly been cohabitating, going on vacations together and Nicky had even presented her with an engagement ring.

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