Did sparks fly between Eddie Peng and Cecilia Liu?

The two are said to have engaged behaviour that hinted that they are more than just friends

Did sparks fly between Eddie Peng and Cecilia Liu?

Chinese actress Cecilia Liu may be very much in love with boyfriend Nicky Wu right now, but reports suggest that the 27-year-old was more than friends with Eddie Peng prior to confirming her relationship with Nicky.

The two starred in Chinese drama Sound of the Desert which aired earlier this year but started filming in 2012. Recent revelations from the crew who worked with them have suggested that the leads were in an ambiguous relationship for half a year but ultimately ended things when Cecilia and Nicky’s relationship went public.

The two developed a good rapport while working on television series The Young Warriors and Eddie is said to have been overjoyed when he heard that he would be able to star alongside Cecilia once again. He is reported to have declared, “There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to work with Cecilia Liu again!”

While rumours of the two being more than friends circulated at the time, they never confirmed nor denied the reports. The two were said to have exchanged heated looks on-set and Eddie reportedly requested for the addition of intimate scenes for the drama, to which Cecilia agreed to. Their level of chemistry led to crew members wondering if the two were really “just acting”.

In the same year, Cecilia filmed movie Badges of Fury. Crew members revealed that she would contact Eddie during breaks and looked to be blissfully happy during their exchanges.

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