Dominique Tsai denies shotgun marriage with Sunny Wang

The Taiwanese-Australian singer denied that the couple are getting married just four months after they reconciled because she was pregnant.

Dominique Tsai denies shotgun marriage with Sunny Wang

Taiwanese-Australian singer Dominique Tsai denied speculations of having a shotgun marriage with Sunny Wang, but admitted that they love children and would be happy to become parents.

The rumours rose shortly after her Taiwanese actor boyfriend surprised her with a marriage proposal on her 29th birthday on Monday, which netizens felt was a hasty decision as it was barely four months after they got back together as a couple.

At a fashion product launch yesterday, Dominque further fuelled pregnancy rumours when she was dressed in a short neon green chiffon layered dress and wore a pair of canvas shoes from the brand’s new line of products, seemingly an outfit suitable for mothers-to-be.

While Dominique did not make an explicit clarification, she admitted that she is already co-habiting with her fiancé and wittily jested that her “period has yet to come”, seemingly hinting that the couple are open to the idea of becoming parents anytime. The 29-year-old added that they have an immense love for children and would like to “give birth to as many children as they can”.

When asked on how Sunny had proposed to her, Dominque sweetly reiterated Sunny’s words and was so touched that she was close to tears. She recalled, “He said to me: ‘You are the one who brought me to believe in fate. Be it in this life or the next, I will find you no matter where you are.’”

Reporters were also curious to find out about her engagement ring as she had not worn it to the event. While Dominique said she did not have a clue how many carats her ring is, she jokingly reassured, “In my heart, it is as big as the sun.”

She also sang praises of her fiancé, revealing that they have not even had a couple’s tiff since they reconciled in December. “He is generous, filial, caring and a family man. He also cares a lot about others’ feelings and is a man that can be trusted,” she chirped.

Speaking of wedding “Taiwan’s most handsome man” and being the envy of many women, Dominique sweetly and tactfully said, “There are five handsome men in my life – his (Sunny’s) grandfather, my grandfather, my father, his father and him.”

The couple have yet to set a date for their wedding ceremony and Dominique revealed that they would continue their career in showbiz after their marriage. 

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