Donnie Yen accidentally hits wife in his sleep

The martial arts star calls it an occupational hazard

Donnie Yen accidentally hits wife in his sleep

Hong Kong martial arts star Donnie Yen and his model wife Cecilia Wang recently endorsed a bed product. In the commercial, Donnie dressed up as a “super fatty” for the first time in his acting career. The Ip Man star apparently looked so different that his wife could not recognise him.

“I was very surprised, but I like [the image]. It’s very cute!” Cecilia said while Donnie jokingly warned her that this is how he would look like many years down the road.

As Donnie revealed that he suffers from insomnia, Cecilia shared about an incident where the actor unconsciously hit her while sleeping. “He pushed my face really hard. I was very mad but he didn’t know about it as he was deep in slumberland. From then now, I sleep with my back facing him,” she exclaimed.

After hearing Cecilia’s rant, Donnie claimed that “the ignorant is innocent” and called his action an “occupational hazard” because he often has to choreograph action scenes during filming.

Donnie Yen accidentally hits wife in his sleep

“No matter how big the bed is, I take up only one-quarter of it. I’m scared of cold while my wife dislikes being warm, so we sleep with air-con switched on all year round. I have to hide under the blanket throughout the four seasons,” added the actor. 

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