Donnie Yen: Happy 12th wedding anniversary, Mrs Yen!

Action star shows softer side in Weibo post to wife

Donnie Yen and wife

Hong Kong actor and martial artist Donnie Yen marked his 12th wedding anniversary to his wife, Cecilia Wang, with a montage of their photos together and a heartfelt Weibo post. “Aug. 30th 2003–2015, 12 years! I can’t describe what you mean to me!” he gushed online. “I’m the most fortunate man! Please let us be together for a hundred years! Mrs Yen, happy 12th anniversary!”

The couple married in 2003 after dating for just three months, and despite a 20-year age difference, they appear still as happy as honeymooners.

Donnie Yen and wife 2

Donnie, a well-known family man, often spends lengthy periods of time filming in China, and would display photos of his wife and children everywhere, even calling home three times a day, and spends all his vacation time with his family.

The Ip Man star’s philosophy on how to treat his spouse is exemplified by a quote from the hit movie: “There are no men who fear their wives, only those who respect their wives.”

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