Donnie Yen shows off his daughter’s dancing chops

The martial artist’s daughter inherited her mum’s talents


On Monday, action star Donnie Yen posted a video of his daughter, Jasmine Yen, on Weibo, and awed netizens with the 12-year-old’s dancing skills.

The 52-year-old confessed his love for his daughter with his caption, “My 12-year-old daughter, Jasmine, inherited her mum’s talent!”, adding a heart shaped emoticon after that.

In the short clip, Jasmine shows her dancing prowess and dances along to an English rap song, looking just like a pop star.


The clip also attracted the attention of netizens, who commented that Jasmine is indeed talented and dances well for her age. However, some also commented that they had wanted Jasmine to learn martial arts from her father instead, who is skilled in a variety of martial arts.

A hilarious commenter also said, “I feel bad for the guys who don’t know who Jasmine’s father is, and try to ask her out.”

Action star Donnie Yen first shot to fame with the Ip Man movie series, where he acted as the titular character. The 52-year-old has two kids from his second marriage to model Cecilia Wang, Jasmine and James and a son, Jeff, from his first marriage.

Photos: PBE Media

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