Doubts raised over Ella Chen’s attendance at S.H.E anniversary concert

The singer’s refusal to comment on the matter has fans worried

Doubts raised over Ella Chen’s attendance at S.H.E anniversary concert

Earlier this month, the shocking news Ella Chen would not be renewing her contract with her label, HIM International Music, made headlines. At the time, fans were worried that S.H.E would disband, but the singer’s husband, Alvin Lai, assured that the trio are “inseparable” and would carry on as a group.

At the time, HIM also shared that a 17th anniversary bash for the group was in the pipeline and that more details would be revealed. Wang Chi Ping, who has produced many of the group’s hit tunes, updated his Weibo with “17 concert rehearsal! Day 1! Please anticipate (sic)” last week, which had many fans guessing if it was related to S.H.E.

However, he quickly deleted his post, which led to some fans wondering if there was a problem with the concert. When approached for comment, HIM would only share that they are “still preparing for S.H.E’s 17th anniversary and will make an announcement after everything is confirmed”.

Ella also made her first public appearance after news of her moving labels was announced, and Alvin was spotted sticking closely to her for the entire night. Reports claim that “sensitive questions” were not permitted, and questions about S.H.E’s anniversary concert were replied with a curt “HIM will make an official response”.

This has caused fans to worry, as they reasoned that Ella would not have any issues responding to these questions, in particular with regards to the anniversary concert, if she plans to go through with it as previously reported.

Selina Jen and Hebe Tien have yet to make an official statement on the matter, and Ella’s recent updates on her social media platforms have also been devoid of any content related to S.H.E, which has caused even more speculation that S.H.E will no longer have the chance to take the stage together as a group.

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