DRUM TAO: It’s all about perfection

Seven of the members spoke to us a day ahead of their performance at Mediacorp’s new campus opening


Additional Photos: Lee Lay Na, Mediacorp VizPro International

“You might feel that what you see when we perform is really good, but in actual fact, we know that there are so many flaws and we’re far, far away from perfection,” DRUM TAO’s Taro Harasaki mused, with the other six members present nodding their agreement.

This was hardly what we expected from the team that was sent down for Mediacorp’s new campus opening on Dec 8. After touching down on the afternoon of Dec 6, they headed straight to practice and didn’t stop until midnight. The next morning, they were up bright and early once again to get themselves ready to greet the media, which included preparing their instruments for a short performance.

“The ropes on the drums have to be removed every night and we tune them according to conditions on the day itself – factors such as the venue and humidity will affect the sound so we make sure we can present the best performance possible every day,” the ensemble explained.

Even after their immaculate tuning was complete, the members whipped out a measuring tape and spent a good 15 minutes moving their instruments around “in order to present the best visual for everyone”. Taro, the only English-speaking member of the group, explained, “It’s not enough that we sound the best that we can – we need to present ourselves the best visually as well.”

This was evident when we had to assure them – multiple times – that they could put on a jacket over their performance outfits during our interview as their attire was a little too scant for the freezing cold theatre hallway.

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