Eason Chan apologises for ‘angry face’ incident at airport

Eason Chan flared up at fans who came to welcome him at the airport, causing netizens to label him an “arrogant diva”

Eason Chan apologises for ‘angry face’ incident at airport

Fans who turned up to welcome Eason Chan at the Taiyuan airport had to face the wrath of the singer when he arrived, despite their attempts to give him a warm welcome to the city. The Hong Kong singer who was to throw a highly-anticipated comeback concert in Taiyuan, China, was videoed pointing and shouting at a fan in the airport.

In the video, he was heard saying, “From the moment I stepped off the plane, he kept on taking photos of me! The one in uniform! This is the first impression Taiyuan has left me with.”

At the same time, photos of his angry face displaying a cold expression started circulating on the Internet, causing many netizens to label him an “arrogant diva”. One netizen even took it to the extreme by commenting, “Get out of Taiyuan!”

Cantopop fans, however, have rallied behind the 40-year-old, explaining that he usually maintains a good character and must have been treated unfairly to incite such a reaction from the singer. They also commented that no matter what happens, they will always support him.

Eason Chan apologises for ‘angry face’ incident at airport

According to the fans who were present at the airport that day, his furious behaviour was caused by three airport staff who requested for his autograph and took pictures of him. Eason reportedly asked one of them to delete the photos they took with their phones.

After videos and pictures of his ‘angry face’ made rounds on the Internet, Eason posted a full-black picture online with an apology in his caption: “I am very sorry to those of you who came to fetch me at the airport.”

The next day, he posted another picture taken from the inside of the stadium he was performing at on Instagram with the caption: “Thank you, Taiyuan!”

Eason Chan apologises for ‘angry face’ incident at airport

When Eason accepted interviews at his concert two nights ago, he admitted behaving rashly, “In any case, I should control myself and not be so quick to anger… Getting angry is beneficial to no one. I will try to control my emotions better and reflect on this. I hope that this will not happen again.”

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