Eason Chan, Hilary Tsui reportedly expecting second child

Singer’s fortune on the rise after moving into new residence with good feng shui, source says


Hong Kong singer Eason Chan is reportedly expecting his second child with his wife, Hilary Tsui, also 41.

An avid runner, Hilary has ceased taking part in marathons and has been eating constantly of late. The slender actress has also appeared to have put on weight recently, according to Hong Kong media.

Whenever Hilary goes out these days, Eason is always with her, driving her around, opening car doors for her, and helping her into and out of the vehicle. The singer has also quit smoking again, and he hasn’t been seen lighting up recently.


The couple’s only child, Constance, was born in 2004. A source said Eason and his family purchased a new residence with good feng shui in 2014, but they only moved in before Chinese New Year. And not long after that the couple were reportedly expecting their second child, but they are keeping the news under wraps for now.

Eason and Hilary married in 2006.

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