Eason Chan wants to take a break from music

After working for eight consecutive years and staging a total of 84 concerts, Eason Chan confides that he needs to rest

Eason Chan wants to take a break from music

Esteemed Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, who won his second Best Mandarin Male Singer award (he won his first award in 2003) at the 26 Golden Melody Awards Ceremony, confided that he hasn’t had a break since 2008.

At the post-show party last Saturday, he explained that he has been touring non-stop throughout the years and his work calendar is packed all the way to 2016.

Eason explanation came about after he was quoted for saying that he “doesn’t want to work anymore” on a variety show, which was speculated to be his retirement announcement.

Setting the record straight, the 40-year-old clarified that he “absolutely will not retire”, although he acknowledged that he wants to take a break from music and do things that are not related to work.

“Maybe I would like to sing again after a week of rest,” said Eason, in reply to questions on the duration of his break.

What plans does he have during his break? “I would like to try hands on to make a guitar out of a plain wood; or I will accompany my daughter who’s going for further studies overseas. This is what I call life,” chuckled Eason, adding that he yearns to experience country life too.

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