Eddie Peng to replace Ethan Ruan in three movies

Film studio swaps actors due to the latter’s negative publicity


Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan will reportedly cede three upcoming leading roles to compatriot Eddie Peng, also 33, after the former’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2015.

Peter Lam, owner of Hong Kong’s Media Asia Entertainment Group, has reputedly made the call to axe Ethan from the three movies he had planned for him to take on, the first of which is a romantic art film with Taiwanese actress and his now ex-girlfriend Tiffany Hsu, 31, as the female lead.

According to sources, Peter had high hopes for Ethan’s popularity as an actor, despite the latter’s underwhelming performance in the 2014 movie Paradise in Service.


But Ethan then found himself embroiled in one scandal after another — splitting from Tiffany after eight years together amid shocking rumours of continual cheating on his part, getting injured in a motorcycle accident, and suffering a halt in broadcast of the new variety programme he was taking part in.

In contrast, Eddie still maintains a squeaky-clean image and good reputation, and is said to be cooperative and agreeable. His recent movies have done exceedingly well at the box office.

Tiffany’s role will be taken over by Taiwanese singer and actress Amber Kuo, 29.

Ethan and Tiffany could not be contacted in time for comment.

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