Edison Chen fights with queue jumper at Shanghai airport

Shoving, yelling caught on camera; “Line-cutter has poor manners,” netizens say

Edison Chen 1

The bad boy of Mandopop Edison Chen has not lost his edge. On Saturday afternoon Edison was photographed getting into a scuffle with an older man who had cut in line in front of him at a first class check-in counter at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

In response being cut in line, Edison reportedly hurled the offending man’s identity pass away, which made the latter furious, leading to shoving, yelling and even a slipper sent flying.

In photos of the incident circulated online, Edison, in a pale t-shirt and straw hat, can be seen walking towards the people in the vicinity taking photos of the incident, as if to seek help mediating the situation. The fight was broken up only after security arrived, and both men were led to the airport police post to be processed.

A majority of netizens appear to support Edison, saying the line-cutter has poor manners. Other photos posted online also showed the other man taking snaps of Edison, with comments saying that he shouldn’t have initiated a fight and still tried to look as if he had been wronged. But some others said Edison, as a public figure, shouldn’t have reacted by flinging the man’s identity pass away.

Edison shot to fame in 2000 with roles in Dead or Alive 2: Birds and Gen Y Cops, but his 2008 nude photo scandal continues to haunt his career. He withdrew from the entertainment industry after the scandalous photos were leaked and has been managing his fashion label in recent years. He has also launched new albums, but with little fanfare.

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