Edison Chen gives fan the middle finger

The celebrity was unhappy after being photographed with his girlfriend in Paris by a fan

陈冠希游巴黎不爽被拍 脸垮比中指引争议4.jpg

Unhappy that he was photographed hand-in-hand with his girlfriend, Ann Hong, in Paris by a fan, Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen stuck out his middle finger.

The 34-year-old, who set up his fashion label CLOT Inc. with two other partners, was in Paris recently to attend a fashion event and was roaming the streets with Ann when the fan took photos of him.

The disappointed fan uploaded these shots onto Weibo and wrote: “As his fan, it was so rare to meet him in Paris during the fashion week. But I feel so upset to be treated this way.”

Netizens started debating about the issue and were split into two camps over his behaviour. Some felt the fan was impolite and “deserved the treatment”, while others believed that Edison should not have acted that way since he is after all a public figure.

陈冠希游巴黎不爽被拍 脸垮比中指引争议5.jpg

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