Edison Chen’s girlfriend breaks up with him

The Hong Kong celebrity had reportedly two-timed his girlfriend of two years

Edison Chen and Ann Hong

Following his nude photo scandal in 2008, Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen faded out of showbiz to expand his fashion business. It was also then that he met his girlfriend Ann Hong, who was a store assistant at his boutique in Taiwan.

The two have been dating openly for more than two years and even reportedly registered their marriage in Tokyo when they were there to celebrate his 34th birthday. But during the trip, Ann was said to have discovered her beau exchanging intimate text conversations with other girls on his mobile phone.

Hit by the fact that Edison is cheating on her, she initiated a breakup and the couple has split for more than a month. Ann has even unfollowed the actor on Weibo and deleted their photos on her Instagram account to show her displeasure.

But Edison, who is now fully concentrating on work to prove his innocence, is trying his best to salvage the relationship by calling, texting and even asking his sister, Tricia Chan, to help persuade Ann.

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