Edison Chen to make showbiz comeback after 8-year absence

Singer–actor may reportedly take film roles


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong singer and actor Edison Chen, 35, looks poised to make his showbiz comeback after an eight-year absence following his 2008 sex scandal.

He announced on his Instagram account on March 30 that he would hold a concert in Beijing on April 2, which was broadcast live online. According to Hong Kong media, he will reportedly take film roles too.

Edison’s 2015 documentary, the three-part “Being EDC,” received positive reviews and his popularity received a boost from the publicity the programme brought him.

The actor saw his career nosedive after indecent photos of him and a host of female celebs were published in 2008. He withdrew from the entertainment industry indefinitely then and focused on developing his street fashion label, CLOT.

Recent Internet chatter seems to hint that some netizens are warming up to Edison’s comeback. One comment lamented that drug and cheating scandals are commonplace nowadays: “Every time (I hear about those) I think of Edison Chen, what did he do wrong and why can’t be return to showbiz?”

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