Edwin Siu and girlfriend Priscilla Wong in cold war

The Hong Kong actor is said to have two-timed his girlfriend of six months

萧正楠疑劈腿吴若希 与黄翠如分居冷战

Hong Kong actor Edwin Siu and fellow TVB actress Priscilla Wong  went public with their relationship with in May but it is said that they are in a cold war as Edwin shares a close relationship with Jinny Ng, his young co-star in new drama Lost Souls.

Insiders revealed Priscilla’s acting projects have reduced lately and she has been resting after filming a World Cup special in June. In comparison, her beau has work projects lined up for him and has neglected her as a result. Furthermore, Edwin and Jinny play a couple in his latest drama, Lost Souls, adding on to Priscilla’s worry.

The 33-year-old has been reportedly been springing surprise on-set visits and finding out her boyfriend’s promotional activities schedule so as to keep track of Edwin’s movement. She was believed to have checked Edwin’s calls and texts on his mobile phone in public, causing the two to fall out eventually.

Priscilla has since moved back to Ma An Shan, China to live with her parents.

In response to this, Jinny denied being the third party in their relationship and revealed she does not even have Edwin’s contact number. “Although we act as a couple, there are no kiss scenes in the drama. I will never be a third party.” 

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