Ekin Cheng loves Yoyo Mung’s new curves

The actress’s fuller figure sparked pregnancy rumours


Hong Kong actress Yoyo Mung made an appearance at a promotional event recently, where it was revealed that she had gained 9kg during her holiday.

The 42-year-old stepped back from the spotlight, after getting married to Hong Kong actor-singer Ekin Cheng in 2013. Her sudden weight gain shocked the public, with rumours spreading that the actress was pregnant.

Ekin was also questioned about his wife’s weight gain by the media, where he revealed that the “weight gain” was because of the angle of the photo and even laughingly declared that he was happy about it.

“She used to be too thin. I’ll still love her regardless of whether she’s thin or fat, the most important thing is for her to be healthy,” the actor said, before jokingly declaring that he’ll buy his wife some gym equipment for her birthday.

Additionally, Yoyo has also clarified that she is not pregnant, though she was shocked at her figure in the pictures snapped by the reporters. The actress even quipped, “I will place this picture at the head of my bed to remind myself that I cannot continue gaining weight like this.”

Yoyo also divulged that she had once promised herself to not let her weight exceed 55kg, only to find out that she had gained 9kg during her holiday, bringing her weight to a total of 57kg.

Making light of the matter, she then poked fun at herself and wrote, “I thought I wouldn’t gain [so much] weight from eating,” even adding a few crying emoticons in her Weibo post.

Photos: PBE Media

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