Elaine Ng has finally reunited with her daughter

Etta Ng finally returns home with her mother after a 27-day long separation

Elaine Ng has finally reunited with her daughter

Last month (March 11), former Hong Kong actress and host Elaine Ng was arrested for the alleged abuse of her 15-year-old daughter, Etta Ng, who stayed in with her godmother in the meantime.

It is reported that they had depended on each other for years and were very close until the abuse happened. The Social Welfare Department issued them a one month restraining order, during which both parties were forced to undergo counselling.

An insider said that on the night of April 6, Elaine fetched her daughter home from Etta’s godmother and finally reconciled with her daughter. At eight in the morning, she drove her daughter to school as usual and Etta said that she had apologised to her mother and that she is “fine” now.

Etta and her mother were arranged for a meeting on April 1 by the Social Welfare Department. Recalling that day’s events, Elaine commented, “I was a hothead that day. Etta lingered in the corridor while I was in the room and she did not enter until half an hour later, her back facing me. She probably didn’t know how to face me. I was very quick to anger, but I just said to myself that I am her mother and no matter what, we must settle this together.”

Elaine Ng has finally reunited with her daughter

Elaine expressed her hopes that her daughter could return home sooner. The social workers also helped to persuade Etta, but she did not give an answer. Thus, Elaine and her daughter had a half-hour conversation on Monday.

“We are family. There is nothing that we cannot go through together. I know that you mean your mother well by doing this (referring to reporting her to the police), being concerned about my health. Even though things happened like this, let’s face it together. You cannot avoid school forever,” explained Elaine. After that, Etta understood immediately and decided to follow her mother home.

Elaine also said that she thinks she needs to see a psychiatrist after this situation. She added, “There’s been no time to cry, but I’ve made the deal to consume alcohol less often. I want to be healthy again.”

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