Elaine Ng offers cigarette to daughter in photo

‘My mother is a wonderful influence,’ Etta says


Hong Kong actress and former Miss Asia winner Elaine Ng, 43, raised eyebrows for appearing to offer her 17-year-old daughter, Etta, a cigarette in a group photo the teen posted on Instagram yesterday.

“My mother is a (wonderful) influence,” Etta wrote in the caption.

Her friends responded with shock at the photo and commented, “OMG!” to which Etta replied, “I know.”


Netizens said they couldn’t understand what Elaine was thinking and couldn’t tell whether she was just joking or she really was open to her daughter picking up smoking.

The pair went through a rough patch when Etta sought help for Elaine’s alcohol problems and reported her for alleged child abuse last March. They reconciled in July and Elaine promised to stop drinking, but last month she was seen purchasing alcohol at a convenience store on her own.

Elaine Ng reconciles with her daughter 
Elaine Ng seen buying alcohol at convenience store 

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