Elaine Ng promises to be a good mother

The mother-of-one issued a public apology for causing her daughter to worry about her health

Elaine Ng promises to be a good mother

Hong Kong actress and television host Elaine Ng publicly apologised on Wednesday afternoon after she was arrested for allegedly abusing her teenage daughter Etta Ng.

The 42-year-old, who is currently working as a radio host, made her first public appearance at her office after being released on bail and was accompanied by many crew members who was there to give her support.

Elaine arrived at around 6 pm in the evening and said sincerely, “Firstly, I am really sorry that everyone had to go through so much over the past few days. As my lawyers are handling the case now, it is inappropriate for me to reveal details about the proceedings.”

“For now, I need to be sensitive to my daughter’s feelings. I hope for everyone to give her space to lead a normal life. I would also learn to be a better mother to her,” she added.
Though Elaine’s representatives have initially declined questions from the media, she generously answered media queries after her making her statement.

The 42-year-old was posted the sharp question of whether she would kick her drinking habit. However, she dodged the question and mumbled with uncertainty, “Actually, I feel that there are many areas that I can improve on in my life.”

While drugs were reportedly discovered when police had raided her home earlier, the 42-year-old snapped in reply, “I am not sure, my lawyers would look into the issue.”

Elaine also revealed that Etta is now hospitalised and the two have yet to meet after the incident. “My wish is that my daughter could quickly return home and be healthy. From now on, I assure that I’d do my job well and would rely on social workers to help me keep in contact with Etta,” she said.

Though the mother-of-one is rumoured to be barred from seeing her daughter, she expressed no fear of losing her daughter’s custody. Instead, she replied, “I would follow the decision made by the social workers (as to whether I would continue to cohabit with Etta in future).”

Lastly, reporters also asked if Jackie Chan, her illicit lover and Etta’s father, had expressed his concerns regarding the issue. However, Elaine replied coolly, “I’m not sure about that. I don’t really care about what others think. My daughter’s safety is my greatest concern.”

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