Elaine Ng’s relationship with daughter worsens

Etta Ng was said to have refused to return home after the mother-and-daughter got into a verbal argument

Elaine Ng’s relationship with daughter worsens

Less than a week since former Hong Kong beauty queen Elaine Ng reunited with her teenage daughter Etta Ng and was seen to be on good terms with her, the mother-and-daughter’s relationship has taken a sudden turn for the worse after they got into a verbal argument on Tuesday (Mar 21).

Etta had reportedly aired her grievances to her teachers and refused to return home. Despite Elaine’s efforts to appease her daughter by visiting her at her school, Etta refused to meet with her mother.

On Wednesday evening, Elaine spoke to the media outside her daughter’s school, agitatedly recounting the process of their argument and pleading for her daughter to go home.

“My daughter told me that she wanted to have a beer. I thought that since I needed red wine so that I can sleep better, it should be ‘ok’ for her learn to drink some beer. However, I told her that she hasn’t done her homework since she went back to school, but she rebuked that her teachers said it didn’t matter and insisted that all her friends are drinking beer. Hence, I became a little unhappy.”

She continued, “She confided to her teacher in school but refused to come home after that. Are you trying to play a trick on me, Etta? I am (a) single mum, I need to earn money to support the family.” (sic)

Elaine rattled on furiously, emphasising that she does not wish to alert the police again due to her family matters.

Sources who claimed to be Elaine’s close friends also revealed recently that Etta wishes to meet with her father, Hong Kong martial arts actor Jackie Chan, but could not verbalise her wish in her mother’s presence. Etta also awkwardly replied “I can’t say” when the media dropped the question earlier on.

When asked if Etta’s desire to meet with Jackie was the cause of their discord, Elaine clarified that the matters are independent of each other.

She added, “I am also under great pressure. If she is worried that I would be unhappy, why didn’t she be frank about it with me?”

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