Elaine Ng seen buying alcohol at convenience store

Actress may have broken her promise to daughter to abstain from drink


Hong Kong actress and former beauty queen Elaine Ng was recently seen buying a bottle of wine at a convenience store, leading to speculation that she had broken her promise to her daughter, Etta, to abstain from alcohol after they fell out over her drinking habits last March.

Witnesses saw Elaine make her purchase alone on Sunday after she and Etta dined at a robatayaki restaurant with friends.


Asked to comment on the incident, Elaine said she did indeed buy wine, but she explained that the alcohol and snacks she purchased were for the friends who headed to her place for a chat after their meal.

“If I had any wine in my house, I wouldn’t have had to head out to buy it,” she said. “There were five adults there that night, so how much wine do you think one person could have gotten? And I couldn’t have served pu-erh tea at a gathering with friends, could I?”


On whether the incident affected her relationship with Etta, Elaine said her daughter was still going through a rebellious phase and would throw tantrums at times. But she said Etta knew her character, and she would keep herself in check if she went too far.

Etta, 17, sought help from the police through her school when Elaine’s heavy drinking got out of hand last March. Elaine would go through two bottles a day and relied on sleeping pills, and would go on imbibing even after throwing up.


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