Ella Chen gearing up for pregnancy next year

Ella Chen is busy for the year, but will be keeping 2016 free to try for a baby

Ella will be gearing up for pregnancy next year

Extremely packed with work activities for the remaining half of the year, Taiwanese songstress Ella Chen expressed at an autograph session for her first solo album Why Not in Guangzhou, China two days ago that she feels like she is sprinting through this year.

However, she said that she will be making time to have a baby the following year as she believes that it is important to maintain good physical and mental health when pregnant.

The 34-year-old explained that her Malaysian businessman husband Alvin Lai complains about her busy schedule and how she does not have time for her family. She expressed that when she got married to her husband, she always wished that they could have more time to spend together. Three years on, the two have decided that they are ready for a child, but have to push back plans due to the Mandopop starlet’s busy schedule.

Ella also said that her husband often tells her not to give herself too much pressure, adding, “My husband really loves me and needs me. If I die earlier than him, he definitely wouldn’t last. If he passed away first, I might still be able to take it.”

According to Ella, the S.H.E members are still getting along well and she would still meet them even when she is pregnant. “We are like sisters to each other and will offer each other our blessings as long as everyone is happy. Happiness and peace is what’s important,” said the singer.

Ella continued to say that when she heard the news of fellow S.H.E member Selina Jen’s plans to have a baby, she was moved to tears, and is also happy to know that Hebe is content with the way she is. “In life, everyone will choose their own paths. I have my own path to happiness.”

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