Ella Chen prays for victims of Taiwan quake

The entertainer has been closely following updates on the quake despite returning to Malaysia with her husband

Ella Chen prays for victims of Taiwan quake

The Lunar New Year holiday in Taiwan has been shadowed by an earthquake on February 6 but despite the somber news, heartwarming stories such as a young girl being pulled alive from under a collapsed building on February 8, along with news that entertainers chipping in to help with rescue efforts have been pouring in.

Ella Chen, who returned with her Malaysian husband Alvin Lai to his hometown for the festive season, has been actively keeping up with news of the quake despite being miles away. Sharing that she is “worried about everyone in the southern parts of Taiwan”, the entertainer headed to a temple in Malaysia on the first day of the Lunar New Year to pray for the safety of everyone back home.

Sharing that she hopes for more survivors to be rescued, Ella added that she wishes for everyone to be able to return home safe and sound and for those who perished in the disaster to rest in peace. The entertainer also thanked the rescue workers for their work, giving them her moral support.

Ella Chen prays for victims of Taiwan quake

Close friend and fellow S.H.E member Hebe Tien returned to her native Hsinchu County for the holidays but shared similar sentiments, sharing on her Facebook account, “The rescue heroes are like moonlight in the city, giving us infinite amounts of hope and light”, adding that she is praying for more miracles to happen.

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