Ella Chen takes a selfie with her runny nose

Ella Chen keeps it real by posting a photo of her nursing a flu and another photo of her husband and dog sleeping

Ella Chen takes a selfie with her runny nose

Taiwanese actress-singer Ella Chen shamelessly posted a barefaced selfie on Facebook two days ago of her running nose, with mucus dripping from her nostril.

The 34-year-old shared that she was unable to sleep because of her flu, while her Malaysian businessman husband Alvin Lai (whom she married in 2012) as well as her dog were peacefully asleep.

She captioned, “My nose won’t stop running, but I’m still smiling, and these two are sleeping so well! I shall continue practicing my lines then…”

A few netizens critiqued that she was “keeping it too real” and even said “please maintain your ‘goddess’ image a little”, while others left positive comments like “You’re still my idol no matter what!”

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