Ella to become godmother of Alyssa Chia’s baby

The Taiwanese singer shares her terrifying experience with Alyssa Chia that led her to become her baby’s godmother

Ella to become godmother of Alyssa Chia’s baby

Taiwanese singer Ella Chen unexpectedly became the godmother of Alyssa Chia’s baby after they became friends from collaborating in a music video.

On Sunday (May 10), the 33-year-old shared at the autograph session of her first solo album Why Not that she was terrified and her “legs turned wobbly” after learning that Alyssa was pregnant.

Ella explained that they have recently filmed the music video of her new song involving an intense scene where they needed to push each other violently, but she was unaware of Alyssa’s pregnancy then.

“The first thing I did (after learning the news) was to send her a congratulatory message, however, I also felt like going on my knees to ask for her forgiveness as I pushed her quite forcefully,” she said.

However, Alyssa did not take Ella’s actions to heart and was said to have invited her to be her baby’s godmother.

The 33-year-old also revealed that during their filming session, Alyssa’s beau Xiu Jie Kai visited the film set. She gave them her blessings and felt happy for the couple as they gave off the vibes that they were meant for each other.

On the other hand, Taiwanese media were concerned with Ella’s belly as she hinted about releasing ‘happy news’ at her autograph session, which coincided with Mothers’ Day. However, she jested on stage that she has disappointed the media as she was planning to announce her solo concert – not baby news.

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