Elva Hsiao celebrates 36th birthday without boyfriend

Rumours of a soured relationship between Elva Hsiao and her boyfriend Elroy Cheo continue to spread 

Elva Hsiao celebrates 36th birthday without boyfriend
Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao, who turned 36 yesterday, was given a huge surprise by her younger brother and a group of close friends on the night before her birthday. However, her boyfriend Elroy Cheo was missing from both the party and the recent Chinese Valentine’s Day, fuelling speculations of a soured relationship between the couple.

In July, Elva was suddenly unfollowed by Elroy on Instagram, inciting rumours of a break-up. In regard to Elroy’s absence from the birthday party, Elva’s manager claimed that the Singaporean billionaire heir had “issues to settle at home” and was unable to fly to Taiwan in time. According to the manager, Elroy had given her a gift in advance and he also sent his birthday greeting via text message on the actual day.

On Sunday night, over 20 friends gathered at Elva’s home for the celebration. As the singer is into flower arrangement these days, everyone took turns to present her with stalks of different flowers. At the stroke of midnight, Elva had a cake-cutting session and shared her birthday wishes. “I hope for my family, friends and myself to be healthy, and for our dreams to come true,” she said.

Elva’s good friend Cheryl Yang, who was also at the party, posted a photo of them sexily clad in bikini on Facebook yesterday. She wrote: “May the future be better! [May you be] more beautiful, more courageous and wiser!”

Elva Hsiao celebrates 36th birthday without boyfriend
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