Elva Hsiao gets chummy with her in-laws

Elva Hsiao met Elroy Cheo’s side of the family again on Tuesday and it looks as though she’s already part of the family

Elva Hsiao gets chummy with her in-laws

Taiwanese Mandopop singer Elva Hsiao and her Singaporean boyfriend Elroy Cheo have been seeing each other for close to 10 months now and on Tuesday, she was witnessed entering a gourmet dining room with him, later having a meal with her in-laws in Taipei.

Wearing strapped sandals and wanting to be respectful to her future mother in-law and leave a good impression, the 35-year-old singer was dolled up to look more presentable. The two ladies appeared to get along well with each other, chatting till past 10 pm when the restaurant was preparing to close.

Since the rain was pouring heavily, Elroy’s father made sure that the rest of the family managed to get onto the car first while Elroy looked after the bags of gifts from the family. Elroy’s older sister, Arissa Cheo, was seen waiting in the restaurant while talking to Elva and it looks as though she is already part of the family.

Elva Hsiao gets chummy with her in-laws

Elroy and Elva rode in the same vehicle as his parents while the rest of their relatives were in another black van. After dropping his parents and relatives off along the way, the couple drove back to Elva’s house for the night.

It is understood that Elroy’s parents both adore Elva and think that she is very sensible and considerate. From the looks of it, many are expecting to hear some “good news” from Elroy and Elva this year.

However, Elva’s representative clarified yesterday, “The two have not discussed about marriage yet. Elva is still concentrating on promoting fashion brands and Elroy is busy with his job as well. They are simply letting nature take its course.”

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