Elva Hsiao opens up about her new beau

The couple are said to be dating, with marriage in mind

Elva Hsiao opens up about her new beau

Photos: PBE Media

More details about Elva Hsiao’s new boyfriend have been revealed. The “Tom Cruise lookalike” is Michael, 40, and he speaks fluent Mandarin as he used to study in Taiwan, when his father took up a position as a high-level executive in the Shanghai office of KMART.

The couple were introduced to each other by Janet Yang, who couldn’t bear to see Elva unhappy after she broke up with Singaporean businessman Elroy Cheo last June.

Michael, who was Janet’s ex-classmate, has a Master’s Degree from a business school in Los Angeles and was appointed the general manager and consultant for Elva’s fashion label, Carry Me. They decided to take their relationship one step further after developing feelings for each other.

According to Elva, they are still in the getting-to-know-each-other stage. “Because of what happened [with my previous relationship], I am even more cautious now (…) Nothing’s certain for now,” replied the guarded singer, when quizzed about her new romance.

Michael is born in the month of July and belongs to the Cancer zodiac sign which represents “family orientated” people. Coincidentally, Elva’s friends have revealed that the singer is open to relationships with marriage in mind, leading many fans to believe that he will be the one she settles down with.

Ex-boyfriend Elroy gave his blessings to Elva and said, “[I] hope everything goes well for Elva, and I’m happy for them.”

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