Elva Hsiao scalded by oil while searing steak

Singer suffers 20 burns on left arm


Taiwanese Mandopop singer Elva Hsiao, 36, got distracted while searing steak at home recently, and splattering hot oil left her with 20 burns on her left arm.

The accident took place after midnight, but because the singer was busy with rehearsals for a New Year’s Eve countdown concert in Taipei, she didn’t have time to go see a doctor. 

Elva had to clean and dress her wounds herself, but practising her choreography during the day meant perspiration would interfere with the burn medication.

The singer reportedly doesn’t expect her wounds to heal by showtime, so she’s working with a stylist to add long gloves to her concert costumes.

Elva’s pooch Nini, her pet of 16 years, passed away a week ago, and the singer has been occupying herself with work to keep the grief off her mind.

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