Eric Huang lends car to Angel Han’s assistant

Driver’s mistaken identity leads to rumours of affair between the actors

Eric Huang, Angel Han

The black Porsche seen entering Taiwanese actress Angel Han’s home recently did indeed belong to her co-star Eric Huang, but it was Angel’s assistant in the driver’s seat.

Eric Huang clarified on Wednesday that he had lent his new wheels to Angel’s assistant for a spin because he knew the latter was fond of cars. When the innocent joyride was reported as an illicit affair between Eric and Angel, Angel’s assistant was wracked with guilt and burst into tears, but Angel didn’t reprimand her employee.

On Monday, Angel posted a photo of herself and Eric with two other co-stars from the drama series Taste of Life, airing now on SET Taiwan, with the caption, “The inseparable four.” But some fans left comments on the photo including, “Are the rumours about you and Mr Huang true?” “So who’s luring away a married man?”

The actors play lovers in Taste of Life. Eric, 44, is married to one-time pop star Jenny Lu and has two sons, while Angel, 35, ended her four-year marriage to Tony Sun in early October.

Angel Han, Tony Sun

Eric Huang spotted driving to Angel Han’s new home 
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