Eric Tsang: I won’t force Owodog into a corner

Actor says he plans to meet with pop singer and talk things over

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Hong Kong actor and host Eric Tsang, 62, has said he wouldn’t force Taiwanese pop singer and actor Owodog into a corner despite the ongoing dispute between Owodog and his management agency.

“I hate hearing about anyone being forced into a dead end, because it’s happened to me before, so I hope the issues can be resolved peacefully,” Eric said.

While promoting his movie in Taiwan yesterday, Eric said Owodog had sent him a message through his daughter Bowie Tsang, a Taiwanese actress, singer and television host.

Regarding Owodog’s allegations that A Entertainment, Eric’s management agency, had engaged in “untruthful activities” and accepted commission in secret, Eric said both parties had differing views on the matter — according to A Entertainment, the Lollipop F singer was uncooperative with his work commitments. Eric said he would meet with Owodog and talk things over.

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Last November, A Entertainment announced it would sue Owodog (real name Chuang Hao-Chuan) for breach of contract, after he unilaterally terminated his contract in June.

According to A Entertainment, Owodog is an artiste under their management until 2018. The hearing is scheduled to begin next Thursday.

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