Ethan Ruan denies affair with married female celeb H

Actor to focus on career after splitting from Tiffany Hsu

Ethan Ruan, Tiffany Hsu

On Monday, Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan made his first media appearance since his cheating scandal broke last month, and when asked whether he would get back together with actress Tiffany Hsu, he replied through his manager: “Tiffany has said this, at the moment we’re focusing on our careers.”

The actor also firmly denied he had had an affair with the married female Chinese celebrity initialed H, saying they had only collaborated before and were just colleagues.

At the press conference for his new programme, Ethan appeared unaffected by the cheating scandal, and he said he celebrated his 33rd birthday recently after filming the show with his co-stars.

Tiffany ended her eight-year relationship with Ethan in March over his continual infidelity. The actor reportedly cheated on Tiffany four times, with the episode involving the celebrity initialed H being the last straw.

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