Ethan Ruan injured in motorcycle accident

Ex-girlfriend Tiffany Hsu says she’ll call to ask after him

Tiffany Hsu, Ethan Ruan

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan, 33, was injured in a road accident on Tuesday night. He was riding his motorcycle past Qiangang Street in Taipei’s Shilin district when his bike skidded and lost control. He suffered a deformed left collarbone and abrasions on his abdomen, and was rushed to hospital.

“I’m sorry, I crashed my bike because of the road surface condition,” Ethan later said. “After treatment, I’m fine now, and thanks to the doctors, the hospital, friends and family for taking care of me. Please don’t worry about me, and thank you for your concern.”

Ethan Ruan 4

Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu, 31, whom Ethan dated for eight years, said through her manager: “It’s been busy lately and my schedule is packed, so I can’t visit him in person, but I will call and ask after him.”

But on Wednesday night the actress posted a photo of a photo of her caught by a fan, with the fan-generated caption saying, “Hurriedly shot, but here’s a sighting of Tiffany Hsu in the wild.”

Tiffany Hsu

The actress had some harsh words for the amateur paparazzo. “I don’t know what this is about, but I was looking for outfits for work, I wasn’t out shopping,” she wrote.

“Whether calling him is my top priority is no business of anyone’s. Thank you all for your concern about what I’m up to. … Please give us some space, thank you. Don’t waste anymore time on our love lives. There are many other issues more worth our attention in this world.”

The couple ended their eight-year relationship in March, reportedly because of Ethan’s infidelity.

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