Eurasian male model commits suicide after sending last message to By2’s Miko

Jack Luck found hanging in his Taipei home


Jack Luck, an Australian–Korean model and co-host of “Taiwan Taste” programme on Fox TV’s Chinese channel, was found dead in a suspected suicide in his Taipei home yesterday morning, and the last text messages he sent were to Miko, the older twin in the Singaporean pop duo By2.

Jack reportedly died around 5 a.m. He was 25.

Less than half an hour before he took his own life, he sent a series of messages to Miko, ending with “Forget it. Everything. Take care” when the latter didn’t reply after six minutes.


The pop singer later posted the exchange on her Instagram account and wrote, “Got your text this morning. It was too late when I saw it. I still couldn't believe it's true. My dear Jack, if only I was there when you needed me.”

The pair were once rumoured to be romantically involved.

Jack reportedly never recovered from the death of his girlfriend, a public relations executive who had heart trouble and died in his arms when her heart stopped two years ago.

He once said that despite being together for a year and 11 days, he loved her forever.

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